Sheriff warns of Craigslist scam

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson is warning consumers about buying and selling items via the internet.

A local resident posted a vehicle for sale for $600 on Craigslist. The potential buyer contacted the seller and agreed to purchase the car for the said price.

The subject, who goes by the name “Gray Smith,” sent the buyer a phony National Association of Realtors check for $2,450.

Knowing the amount far exceeded the price, the buyer instructed the seller to cash the check and send back the overpayment.

Fortunately, the buyer recognized it was a hoax. Instead of cashing it, he notified the sheriff’s office.

Once again, Anderson is warning the public about monetary schemes created to steal your money, and he cautions people about accepting overpayments, or responding to offers of cash for a contest they’ve never entered.