Bear pays surprising visit to Oakhurst family’s roof

One Oakhurst family woke up to a bear-y unexpected visitor on their roof.

Tricia Louise Tracy, owner of Oakhurst and Madera County’s lone vegan restaurant the Love Cafe, and her family woke up around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday to the sound of their dogs barking.

The reason for the dogs’ distress? A bear walking around the Tracy’s roof.

By 7 a.m., Tracy was live on Facebook broadcasting her ordeal to the Oakhurst Area Facebook group. Tracy, her husband and two kids can be seen outside their home, with the camera zoomed in on the bear for most of the broadcast.

“We’ve been hearing about this bear in the neighborhood and here it is,” Tracy says on the streaming video. “He’s not nervous at all, just having a great time thinking he’s a squirrel.”

Tracy says the bear was eating the nuts and bird feed the family leaves out for hungry squirrels and birds.

The 30-minute stream quickly garnered over 4,000 views and over 200 reactions. Many comments tried to advise Tracy in how to deal with the bear.

Some suggested she try and scare it away with noises, others said she should just head inside and leave the animal alone until it leaves.

Even Madera County District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler chimed in: “He will leave if you go inside and leave him alone.”

Tracy, a vegan, made it a priority to not have the bear harmed, so the family opted to go inside and wait it out.

“He’s beautiful and no one wants him killed or harmed,” she commented.

But by around 8 a.m., Tracy said the family ran out of patience and chased the bear off with a leaf blower.