Yosemite High repeats as county mock trial champions

Submitted photo

For the second year in a row, Yosemite High School’s mock trial team is the best in the county.

Yosemite won the 2018-2019 Honorable Edward P. Moffat Madera County Mock Trial by making it through four rounds of trials over the course of three days: Jan. 17, 24 and 26.

Yosemite High defeated Madera South High School in the championship round.

Yosemite High’s team was made up of Mia Adelizi, William Bates, Macy Bazzar, Hannah Beaumont, Lauren Bernardi, Jack Dindia, Emma Fries, Makayla Jeffries, Linnea Leinau, Maya Magdeleno, Sophia McGoldrick, Isabella Peter, Leslie Ramirez, Gannaen Skeahan, Cale Sweeney, Jasmine Tanoury, Stevie Trujillo, Madison Washburn, and Abigail Williams. Matt Skeahan, Deborah Brown and local attorney Bernie McGoldrick were tasked with coaching the team.

The victory means Yosemite will go on to represent Madera County in the State Mock Trial scheduled for March 22 through 24 in Sacramento.

The school will also be sending Kaelo Mohulski as the county’s courtroom journalist to the state competition after Mohulski won the county’s courtroom journalism competition. Mohulski reported on one of the Jan. 17 trials.

“We are excited to have a student journalist represent Madera County at the state competition,” said Dr. Cecilia Massetti, Madera County Superintendent of Schools. “We wish all of the students the best of luck during the next round of competition.”

This year’s Madera County Mock Trial challenged teams to go on the defense and prosecution sides of the fictional People v. Klein case, in which Reagan Klein was tried for making a false report of an emergency and making a criminal threat.

The case was tried in a courtroom where students filled the roles of attorneys, witnesses, bailiffs and clerks, while local attorneys score the students’ performance.

Yosemite has been dominant in the competition since its inception 35 years ago, winning 28 of the 35 mock trials.