Cal Fire lifts Mountain Area suspensions on outdoor residential burning

The burn permit suspension in Madera, Mariposa and Merced counties is lifted, according to a news release.

After the suspension is lifted, those with valid agricultural or residential burn permits may now burn on the permissible days. Residential burn permits are available at Cal Fire stations.

Agriculture burns must be inspected by Cal Fire before burning. Other burns could be inspected, as well, at the discretion of the local Air Quality Management District.

Property owners and residents are asked to be cautious when conducting debris or agriculture burns. An individual could face civil or criminal charges if their fire escapes control and burns neighboring property.

Here are the requirements for pile burning:

  • Only dry, natural vegetative material such as leaves, pine needles and tree trimmings may be burned.
  • The burning of trash, painted wood or other debris is not allowed.
  • Do not burn on windy days.
  • Piles should be no larger than four feet in diameter and in height. You can add to pile as it burns down.
  • Clear a 10-foot diameter down to bare soil around your piles.
  • Have a shovel and a water source nearby.
  • An adult is required to be in attendance of the fire at all times.

For more information on burns, visit www.fire.ca.gov.

For questions regarding burn days in Madera and Merced counties, call 877-429-2876. Mariposa County residents can call 209-966-1200 for their burn day information.

The suspensions were imposed in June as a response to the trio of nearby fires in 2017: Detwiler, Railroad and Mission.

During the suspension, agriculture, land management, fire training and other industrial-type burning was allowed to continue if a Cal Fire official inspected the burn site and issued a special permit.