Here’s how much you’ll be paying at the pump this Thanksgiving

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Here is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: lower gas prices.

In Fresno, gas prices tumbled 6.7 cents this past week, averaging $3.50, according to GasBuddy’s survey of 364 stations in the city.

Other Valley regions are in the same range. Madera County’s average is $3.46, Kings County is $3.48 and Tulare County is $3.58.

AAA analysts said a buildup of crude oil supplies worldwide is putting downward pressure on prices at the pump. But how long gas prices will remain lower remains unclear. AAA said there is speculation in the industry that crude oil production could be reduced, causing prices to rise.

Any drop in gas prices is likely welcomed by the legions of people about to embark on trips for Thanksgiving.

Nearly 6 million Californians will leave town for Thanksgiving in 2017, the most in a decade, making for crowded roads, airports and trains. Here's the scene at Sacramento International Airport.

“The nearly 49 million Americans hitting the road for Thanksgiving will find pump prices similar to last year,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokeswoman “When it comes time to fill-up during the trip, motorists should keep in mind that gas stations along highly traveled routes may find prices more expensive than in town.”

Statewide, Califonia’s average gas price was $3.64 cents Monday, a decline of 17 cents from last month. And while gas prices are falling nationwide, California still has among the highest prices in the United States. The national average is $2.64 a gallon.

Caltrans also wants to remind motorists to follow a few simple rules:

Head out early. The busiest times on the road will be Wednesday afternoon and Sunday evening.

Plan ahead. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Check your brakes, wind shield wipers, tire pressure, tire tread and fuel supply.

Don’t be a distracted driver. Keep your eyes on the road.

Be patient. Expect traffic and be courteous to other drivers.

For those traveling south from Fresno through Kings County, be aware that traffic controls will be in effect this week near the intersection of Interstate 5 and State Route 41 on Wednesday through Sunday, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.