North Shore Boardwear needs your help finding a burglar. There’s a reward

After a burglar made away with approximately $4,000 worth of clothing and accessories early Saturday from North Shore Boardwear in Oakhurst, the store decided to give away some more money with the hope it will help find the culprit.

Cassidy Cook, North Shore assistant manager, said the store is awarding a gift card to anyone who shares a helpful lead. If multiple people come forward with effective leads, multiple gift cards will be given out, Cook said. The amount of money on the gift cards is yet to be decided.

“Being that we’re in a really busy time and it happened during our busiest weekend, it hit us pretty hard, especially since we were relying on our Labor Day weekend to make up for some of the dollar figures we lost during (the Ferguson Fire) that recently occurred,” Cook said.

IMG_8019 _fitted.jpeg
A surveillance photo of the burglar that broke into the Oakhurst clothing store North Shore Boardwear on Sept. 1. Capturing his face was made difficult by the man keeping his hood on throughout the burglary. Courtesy of North Shore Boardwear

Surveillance footage shows a man breaking into and sneaking around the clothing store just before 5:30 a.m. and sifting through the store’s clothing racks. Cook said the man stole several pants, shorts, shirts, sunglasses, wallets and watches from the men’s section.

The suspect was wearing what looks to be a a varsity jacket over a teal sweatshirt and blue jeans.

The incident was reported to the Madera County Sheriff’s Department and remains under investigation.

As of Tuesday afternoon, no one has come forward with any help.

“Right now, we’re just waiting,” Cook said.

The surveillance cameras were unable to capture a clear picture of the suspect’s face due to him using his sweatshirt to cover it. Based on the footage, Cook estimated the man to be 6-foot-1.