Group aims to make Oakhurst beautiful again

A new group is meeting to brainstorm ideas how to beautify Oakhurst.
A new group is meeting to brainstorm ideas how to beautify Oakhurst.

Vickie Fouts’ last drive through Oakhurst left her with a lasting impression. To her, the town needed a bit of a makeover.

“It just looked so bleh and unappealing,” the 66-year-old said.

It compelled her to post on the Facebook group “Oakhurst Area” to see if others felt the same.

“The other day while in Oakhurst I was noticing all the parking lots & open areas with no trees. It looked so hot, ugly and unwelcoming. How about some of us get together and do something about it,” she wrote in the post.

It was not long before the post garnered a number of reactions.

“Love the idea! Oakhurst definitely needs a face lift! Great town great people! Let’s give it the attention it deserves,” commented one user.

When Fouts saw that most of the reactions to her post were positive and helpful, she decided to organize a meeting where anyone interested in cleaning up Oakhurst could come and share ideas on how the goal could be achieved.

That meeting took place at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Raley’s Community Room. Fouts said the meeting would involve discussions about planting trees on Highway 41 and parking lots, as well as cleaning vacant lots across the town.

Funding and groups they can collaborate with are other major topics of discussion.

Fouts hopes people come with more ideas for beautification, and is also planning on handing off the leadership role to an Oakhurst resident. She has lived in Yosemite Lakes Park for the past 35 years.

She is aiming to host meetings once a month or every other month.