Election for DA just 34 days away

The Oakhurst Democratic Club hosted a second major debate April 26 between candidates for Madera County District Attorney in the Yosemite High School Theater, including the incumbent David Linn, his current Senior Deputy District Attorney, Paul Hornick, and Fresno Assistant DA, Sally Moreno.

Moreno is a former Madera County District Attorney, but took a position in the Fresno County DA’s office after Linn assumed office in January of 2015.

Many of the positions stated throughout the 90-minute presentation were the same as those referenced in last week’s Sierra Star coverage of the April 20 candidate’s night in North Fork.

Things moved quickly before an obviously engaged and attentive audience of about 100.

Civility was generally maintained throughout, although becoming less so as things were drawing to a close. Since the California Attorney General’s office has forbidden DA Linn from publicly discussing anything involving his current dispute with the Madera County Board of Supervisors, this restriction provided both Hornick and Moreno with a certain measure of opportunity denied Mr. Linn, although largely limited by time and topic.

Linn’s basic campaign theme is that he has accomplished many things during his tenure in office and asks that he be allowed to continue doing so and “get the job done.”

He emphasized what he considers Hornick’s lack of experience and Moreno’s departure for Fresno when she wasn’t selected for promotion.

Hornick also cited Moreno’s Fresno move as a negative and questioned the quality of her work in Madera.

Moreno dismissed these and other charges as unwarranted and untrue, categorizing such allegations as “character assassination.”

Questions were submitted from the 170-member Oakhurst Democratic Club and winnowed down to a “Top 20” by the organization’s executive committee. All three candidates were able to review the questions in advance for purposes of preparation and content clarity.

The entire debate is available for streaming at https://www.facebook.com/joseph.v.clarke/videos/10215808943673753/