Oakhurst College summer enrollment now open for classes starting May 21

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The Oakhurst Community College Center enrollment for the summer semester is now open for all new and returning students.

Two summer sessions are being offered, a four-week and a six-week. The four-week session will run from May 21 - June 15. The six-week session will be offered June 18 - July 27.

Summer courses help students accelerate their education and jumpstart their entry into their chosen career path.

Short-term summer courses are a convenient option for new students, re-entry students, those considering career and technical training, or students returning back home for the summer from another college outside the area.

Many students enjoy the short-term class schedule that allows them to complete a course quickly and still take some time off before resuming their studies again in the fall.

All of the courses being offered meet general education requirements, apply towards a certificate or an associate’s degree, and are transferable to four-year colleges and universities.

Online instruction continues to be a popular and flexible option for students and do not require any in-person meetings. These classes do require a computer with web access, and students are welcome to take these courses at home or at the computer lab on campus. The computer lab at the Oakhurst Community College Center will be open Monday through Thursday throughout the summer.

For this summer, the Oakhurst Community College Center offers the following courses: business communications, lifespan development, child growth development, principles of microeconomics, writing skills for college, reading skills for college, computer concepts, intermediate algebra, marketing, computer basics and general psychology.

Classes are affordable at $46 a unit with an $11 health fee.

To enroll in summer classes, visit the Oakhurst Community College Center or go online at www.oakhurstcenter.com.

The College Center is located on Civic Circle Drive behind Rite Aid.

For further information about summer classes, financial aid, or to set-up an appointment with a counselor, call (559) 683-3940.