Fetty found guilty of the murder of Ahwahnee resident Dennis Dolan

Craig Fetty was sentenced to 65 years to life on April 24, for the murder and robbery of Dennis Dolan at the Bass Lake Superior Court.
Craig Fetty was sentenced to 65 years to life on April 24, for the murder and robbery of Dennis Dolan at the Bass Lake Superior Court.

Craig Anthony Fetty, 30, of Ahwahnee, has been found guilty for the Oct. 20, 2016, murder of Dennis Dolan in Ahwahnee.

The announcement came from Madera County District Attorney David Linn following a jury trial in Bass Lake Superior Court.

Fetty was also found guilty of burglary and residential robbery.

Fetty was arrested on Oct. 22, 2016, after an investigation by the Madera County Sheriff’s Department into the beating and stabbing of Dolan, who was 68 years old at the time of the incident. Dolan was found unresponsive at 1:30 a.m. outside his residence on Road 600 in Ahwahnee on the night of Oct. 20, 2016, and later died.

Sentencing is scheduled for March 22 in the Bass Lake Superior Court. Fetty faces a possible sentence of 52 years to life in state prison.

At the time of Fetty’s arrest, Tiffany Dambrino, then 20, was arrested for burglary, battery, and inflicting corporal injury.

Dambrino pled guilty on the first day of the trial and testified for the prosecution during Fetty’s trial. She pled to robbery of a senior citizen and residential burglary. She will be sentenced to seven years and four months in March.

During a March, 2017, preliminary hearing, Madera County Sheriff’s Office detectives John Grayson and Jeff Noland testified that on the night of the incident, Fetty and Dambrino were looking to buy some methamphetamine, and the situation quickly turned deadly.

Fetty and Dambrino, romantically involved, left Fetty’s home on Road 621 around 8:30 p.m. and walked towards Dolan’s home on Road 600, Grayson said. After they arrived, only she went in the house as Fetty hid outside.

Dambrino told Grayson that Dolan retrieved a small amount of the narcotic from a wooden chest in his bedroom, put it in a pipe, and gave it to her. She then took it to Fetty, and both smoked the drug.

At some point, Grayson testified, Fetty turned to Dambrino and told her “they were going to beat (Dolan’s) ass for the rest of the meth.”

Dambrino told Grayson that Fetty walked into the garage, where Dolan was at the time. He then punched Dolan in the head, dropping him to the floor.

“(Dambrino’s) belief was that (Dolan) had no idea what was coming,” Grayson said. “Fetty then kept punching Dolan in the head, and kicking him.”

Grayson said Fetty told Dambrino to go retrieve the rest of Dolan’s methamphetamine, which she did. When she returned, Dambrino then grabbed Fetty, told him she had the drugs, and urged him to stop the beating.

As the pair ran away, Grayson said they heard Dolan making noises, and that caused Fetty to turn back and kneel down over Dolan. When he walked back to Dambrino, Fetty told her he had stabbed Dolan.

Later evidence, including Fetty’s admissions to Detective Noland, indicated he stabbed Dolan in the leg. That, alongside the severe beating by Fetty, may have lead to fatal blood loss through an incision to a large artery.

As Fetty and Dambrino walked home, Fetty burned his shirt and sweatpants as a possible attempt to discard evidence, Grayson said.

The next day, Fetty attempted to discard the possible murder weapon, his silver throwing knife, in a trash can inside the men’s bathroom at the Oakhurst Burger King, Grayson said. Authorities later retrieved the knife after both Fetty and Dambrino told their accounts of the incident.

time, no motive was released for Fetty and Dambrino’s alleged crimes.

The recent release from Linn’s office said this is the seventh consecutive successful major trial conviction for Linn’s office.

“I am very proud of my staff. They are performing at the optimum levels I expected during my first term,” Linn said.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Brooke Bergman tried the case.