Firefighters gaining strong hold on Detwiler Fire, no increase in destroyed homes

HighMountain Images

It appears the Detwiler Fire is further nearing its conclusion.

In a Saturday morning update from Cal Fire, the blaze grew overnight by only 200 acres, to 75,200 with 30% contained. For an inferno that grew as much as 20,000 acres in a similar time period, the decrease in pace, as well as increase in containment, are typically strong signs the fire is getting further under control.

Additionally, there was no increase in the number of destroyed or damaged structures. In fact, one home was actually removed from the count of destroyed residences, meaning 60 homes have been claimed by the flames instead of 61, as previously noted in Cal Fire updates.

Thirteen homes have been damaged, with 70 minor structures either damaged or destroyed, and 1,500 still under threat, Cal Fire noted.

Some 4,900 personnel are at work to stop the blaze.

On Friday, multiple evacuation orders and road closures were lifted, including the main town area of Mariposa, with businesses and residents excited to return to their lives.

At latest official estimates, it has cost $10.7 million to attack the inferno.

The cause of the Detwiler Fire remains under investigation.