EMC SPCA looks for happy endings for two abandoned dogs

Hank snoozing
Hank snoozing

Finding Mack a home was a huge success earlier in the year. Remember Mack? His owner had passed away and he was given to someone at Von’s. Evidently he got away from his new home and the person did not look for him. Mack wandered onto a porch in heavy rain, drenched to the skin. Luckily, through the efforts of many caring people, Mack is now in his forever home, with a wonderful woman who adores him.

The EMC SPCA is looking for other happy endings, similar to Mack’s.

First, there’s Bronx, who was found in the middle of Highway 49 near the Hitching Post in Ahwahnee ... not once, but twice. It seems he was the product of a broken home, and was given to someone who placed him at the home they would be moving to, but he was alone there and very confused.

Twice he got loose and went looking for his people. Fortunately, Bronx came to the EMCSPCA where he has been in a safe foster home. Bronx is a 3 year old Mastiff/Cane Corso mix. Cane Corso is also a type of Mastiff. He is a large dog but not what you think of when you hear “Mastiff.”

He probably weighs in at about 100 pounds, has a great disposition, is very sweet, loves to sleep late, and is just a great dog. He loves other dogs, large and tiny. The foster does not have cats, but when he was in my store he paid no attention to my store cats. He is crate trained but would like nothing more than to watch TV with his head in your lap. Now Bronx does have one bad habit. Being a bit taller than many dogs, he can see yummy things on the kitchen counter, and he might just reach up and snatch them. One good thing, your counters will always be clean if you have Bronx around.

We do know he particularly likes garlic bread, or any bread. So he promises to be your kitchen monitor if you would be so kind as to take him into your heart and home. Because Bronx thought he had been abandoned, we want to make sure that his new home has a secure place for him if he has to be left alone at first.

We believe that once he knows he has a forever home and bonds with his new people he will not be an escape artist as we have seen this change in him with the foster. However, he is not a dog that we would want to be taken to a new place and just be left all day. He is smart and would be able to figure out a way to go looking for his people again.

Hank’s story

Our other big boy is Hank, who found along Highway 41 on Deadwood. A passerby thought he had been hit by a car and stopped only to realize he was frightened and exhausted, and appeared to be blind.

She was on her way to a doctor’s appointment, so another motorist who stopped brought him to my store so I could scan for a chip and take photos of him. Hank is a beautiful Blue Pit Bull. He was not neutered at the time, and had probably been out looking for a girlfriend as many intact male dogs do.

The big concern was his sight. Hank went to a foster home and was immediately seen by a veterinarian. Fortunately Hank was not blind, but had something called Entropion where the eyelashes turn inward and constantly scratch the corneas. How miserable he must have been for his entire life. We think he was about 2 years old at the time. He went on medication and had eye surgery and was neutered at the same time. Hank has been living with other dogs, and a pig. He has now met cats and once he knows them is fine with them, but his main love is people.

Not knowing his history, we can only assume that there were some issues that may not have been great in his early life. He is afraid of sudden loud noises, and he is a real “velcro” dog. He is house trained and loves to lay at your feet, so be careful when you get up, though, because he will need to go where you go. This is a common sign of abandonment in dogs.

Hank loves his fosters, but they cannot keep him. They are a young couple with two dogs and a pig and very busy life. Hank needs his own family, one where he can be loved for the great dog he is. One other thing, Hank loves his tennis ball. He will carry it around all day, dropping it at your feet, waiting for that little kick from you so he can get that ball and, yes, start all over again.

Like Bronx, Hank needs a fenced yard, somewhere safe when he is at home alone. He is such a sweet boy with the true personality of a Pit Bull - loving, loyal, and calm - not the horrible things you hear on television. He would be a great family dog.

“The EMC SPCA wants the best for these dogs, just like Mack,” president Sharon Fitzgerald said. “We are looking for homes where they will be safe, loved, and part of your family. We know there are special homes out there just waiting for them. Families with big hearts who have room for big dogs. These dogs are only big in stature, but inside they are little guys who will wiggle into your heart if you give them the chance.”

If you want to meet Bronx or Hank, call (559) 683-1266 to leave your contact information on the adoption line. You won’t be sorry you did.