New art exhibit at Timberline Art Gallery

Timberline Art Gallery’s new exhibit, featuring eight Mountain Area watercolor-pastel artists and one potter, will run July 2 through July 31.

The public is invited to an artists’ reception 2 - 5 p.m., July 9 at the gallery - an opportunity to meet the artists and learn what inspires them and what their art means to them.

“When I paint I take myself on a journey based on scenes from nature,” artist Anita Stoll said.

Her pastel painting “Gossamer Morning” is her interpretation of a section of the trail around Heron Lake where she and her husband frequently walk.

Carolyn Hartling has worked in a variety of mediums over the years, and the depiction of atmospheric conditions interest her.

“I explore them as a way to further enhance the emotional content of my work and see them as a metaphor for life’s issues,” Hartling said. “My aim is to elicit a response to share an emotional experience among my viewers.”

Darlene Jaeger, who uses nature as inspiration for her art, said it has taken many years to be able to “capture the wonders of our surroundings through an artist’s eye, to see the vivid colors, how the light glistens through a droplet of water on a rose petal.”

Potter David Caris explained that, “Clay allows me a sensuous and expressive way to open to deeper, more hidden, feelings and to convey that mystery in my pieces. Sometimes I feel that the granite and big trees just outside my studio exist in my work in another form. It is exactly that opening to the indefinable, yet real, that I seek to share in my work.”

Sandra Lee Scott calls herself fortunate to live on the Fresno River in the Sierra foothills with Yosemite National Park as her “backyard.”

“This inspiring environment provides limitless subjects to explore creatively,” Scott said. “With my pastels, I enjoy expressing myself in a rather spontaneous style and take pleasure in sharing my unique interpretations and vision with others. Landscapes will always appeal to me, but I like to be challenged with subject matter that is somewhat unexpected, such as tractors and galaxies. And I’m finding that mixed media projects are great for expressing something meaningful, or creating exciting pieces that are totally meaningless.”

Details: Timberline Gallery, 40982 Highway 41, Hours: daily 10 a.m to 5 p.m.,, (559) 683-3345.

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