Curley named YHS Student of the Year

When recent Yosemite High School graduate Rose Curley heard Principal Randy Seals announce her name as Student of the Year during the final school rally, her reactions progressed rapidly, moving from humility to excitement to gratitude in a brief few seconds.

“The school called to tell me I probably should come to the final rally,” mom Sarah Curley said, “but I couldn’t get there because I didn’t have transportation. I knew something was up, but never imagined Rose would be named Student of the Year. When she called Tim and I to tell us of the awards she had received, at the very end she said, ‘and by the way, I’m Student of the Year’ ... I could kick myself for not being there.”

To shorten a very long list, during her high school years Rose not only served as sophomore and junior class president, but as student body president. She held offices in several clubs, and was the student representative on the YUSD board, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards participant, and American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Program nominee.

And let’s not forget sports. She was captain of the swim team, varsity soccer captain, played on the varsity cross country and varsity water polo teams, was named varsity swim rookie of the year and rookie MVP.

All this while maintaining a 4.85 GPA.

Rose credits her many achievements at such a young age to her parents.

“It’s unimaginable to think of my high school career without my parents, Tim and Sarah, by my side,” Rose said. “I believe I have been blessed with the best parents ever because of their grounded wisdom, kindness and gratitude, and ability to lead by example.”

Her teachers also played a significant role in shaping her life.

As a Rivergold Elementary School student, Rose learned the importance of education, hard work, commitment, detail and studying, along with leadership skills and giving back to the community.

As for her YHS years, she said, “I have received an excellent education and I commend Yosemite’s staff for my academic achievements. It’s comforting to be able to say this with great pride and honesty. Without their intelligence, support, love, and kindness, I wouldn’t be a Cal Bear next year.”

Rose plans on attending the University of California at Berkeley in the fall, majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology. She hopes to combine her interests in environmental policy and management with her passion for health care, with the ultimate goal of a career as a traveling pediatrician, while advocating sustainable living for the well-being of children.

Now that she has left her high school days behind her, Rose offers advice for incoming freshmen and students attending YHS next fall.

“Make an effort to enjoy every single day of school. It is challenging to find the joy or positive side to every situation but I promise, there is no reason not to relish and appreciate Yosemite. Get involved in an extracurricular program, whether it be occupational or recreational, community service, club, or sport. Make an effort to really get to know your classmates, teachers, janitors, bus drivers, administrators, and all the other staff. Make an effort to be kind to others. Make an effort to try your best. And remember, all things in life worthwhile require hard work.”

She then refocused her attention on her parents, saying, “Their silent voices, spoken through their actions serve as a momentous influence on my siblings and I. To them, I offer my deepest thanks and appreciation.”

“Rose has made the most of her four years of high school,” Sarah added. “She was involved in so many things, and created so many great relationships. We are just so proud of her.”

As Student of the Year, Rose received a $500 Target gift card, donated by Sierra Sunrise Rotary.

Other awards:

Auto Mechanics - Erik Johnson

Auto Mechanics - Cole Melanson

Agriculture - Helena Johnson Lusk

Welding - Alexander Dedekian

Digital Film - Austin Gari

Family & Consumer Studies - Ciara Wilkeyson

Theater Arts - Gianna DeFelice

Instrumental Music - Allie Donnell

Chamber Singers - Hailey Contreras

Art - Mia Bullock

Foreign Language - Clara Briley

Foreign Language - Wyatt Leaf

Mathematics - Clara Briley

Mathematics - Rose Curley

Mathematics - Allie Donnell

Mathematics - Bella Flaherty

Mathematics - Brendan Rhoan

English - Allie Donnell

Cadet Corps - Nathanial Schlepp

Cadet Corps - Ashlee Harrell

Physical Sciences and Robotics - Tanner Meeks

Physical Sciences and Robotics - Andrew Volpetti

Biology - Quentin Lawrence

Biology - Clara Briley

Psychology - Mia Bullock

History - Kevin Kirk

Senior Athlete of the Year - Katie Whitcomb

Senior Athlete of the Year - Trevor Wood

Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year - Rose Curley

Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year - Travis Wood