One-lane traffic on Highway 41

Despite some social media rumors, the Caltrans work along Highway 41 at Victoria Lane, which has caused one-lane traffic controls and backed up vehicles past the Highway 49 intersection, is not because President Obama traveling through Oakhurst Wednesday afternoon.

Caltrans staff at the site said they’re working to clear brush from the Victoria Lane intersection, so drivers moving onto Highway 41 have a better, and safer line of sight to see approaching vehicles.

The White House announced last week the President and his family will visit Yosemite National Park and Carlsbad Caverns between June 17-19.

Obama is scheduled to visit Orlando, Florida on Thursday after the massacre of 49 people by a lone gunman at a gay nightclub in the city last weekend. Behind-the-scenes planning continues for the visits to Yosemite and Carlsbad Caverns, though further details have yet to be announced.

Staff report