Several Bass Lake campgrounds closed for Memorial Day

Due to an unprecedented level of hazardous dead or dying trees around Bass Lake, the U.S. Forest Service said several of its campgrounds, typically open on Memorial Day, will remain closed.

The following campgrounds will not be available:

Bass Lake Ranger District

*  Wishon Point

*  Fish Creek

*  Lakeside Picnic/Ampitheater

*  Recreation Point

*  Spring Cove

*  Crane Valley Group

*  Little Denver Church

*  Pine Slope

*  Jerseydale

*  Rock Creek

*  Placer

*  Mammoth Pool

High Sierra Ranger District

*  Dorabelle

*  Gigantea

Ross Cabin, a historical site approximately 300 feet off of Forest Road 4S81, will also stay closed due to the trees.

Other campgrounds are available and can be rserved at The Bass Lake Ranger District can be reached at (559) 877-2218 for more information.

Forest restoration is also underway throughout the forest on roads 426, 222, and 223. Drivers are advised to use caution on those roads, due to high amounts of equipment traffic.