Closure of Road 222

The recent heavy rains, combined with fire-ravaged landscape, resulted in the closure of Road 222 in Bass Lake Sunday evening, March 6. The area affected is about a half mile east of The Forks along Road 222.

“Due to the Courtney Fire, we had a bit of a rock and mud slide that plugged one of the old culverts,” explained Deputy Public Works Director Brad Phillips with Madera County Public Works. “When that occurred, it caused the water to erode around the pipe, washing out part of the roadway.”

While crews are hard at work cleaning out the debris, in preparation of replacing the culvert and repairing the road, upcoming predicted storms may slow progress.

“We would like to have the road open by mid-afternoon Friday,” Phillips added. “It’s a sloppy mess right now, but we’re doing our best to outrun the weather ... to get that road open again.”