Lottery opens for Half Dome permits

A preseason lottery for recreational permits at Half Dome is underway, preparing hikers for the planned opening of the season May 27.

The lottery will close at 9 p.m. March 31, with 225 permits available each day for a 16-mile round trip hike on Half Dome.

The half dome hiking season is plotted for May 27 to Oct. 11, but dates can change dependent on weather and other issues.

Outside of the preseason lottery, around 50 permits a day will be available during a daily lottery during the hiking season.

Up to six permits can be applied for, for seven days maximum. If there are less applications than can be filled, additional permits and days can be awarded to those of highest priority.

Hiking Half Dome requires a permit. To apply, visit and fill out the necessary forms.

Those who win the lottery will be notified up to April 12, and can purchase reservations by April 27.