YLP couple seeks help in finding their ‘missing children’

An engaged couple in Yosemite Lakes Park is heartbroken and have asked for the public’s help to find their “missing children,” after their German Shorthaired Pointer dogs, Hunter and Ragnar, tunneled out of a kennel this week.

Lani Uhl and Brian Atwood have offered a $100 reward for anyone who can help bring Ragnar and Hunter home, after the two escaped around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning from the Horseshoe Bend area.

“Anyone who knows us knows that they are our whole life,” Uhl said. “We play with them constantly and love them unconditionally ... They’re spoiled, they are loved, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the connection between a dog and a man like the one I have known with Brian and Hunter.”

Uhl can be reached on her cell phone at (559) 676-6939, and the house number is (559) 658-8811.

Both Ragnar, 1, and Hunter, 5, are microchipped, and described as very friendly.

“Ragnar is especially friendly,” Uhl said. “Hunter can be pretty evasive sometimes. If he gets scared, he’ll bark. But that’s all he’ll do.”

Ragnar is brown with grey liver spots, and a white tip on his tail. He weighs about 50 pounds. Hunter is white in body and about the same weight.

Each dog should be wearing a brown leather collar, Uhl said.

“We just got them brand new collars and we didn’t put the tags on right away,” Uhl said. “We didn’t expect them to tunnel out.”

Uhl said the two likely ran away because they were scared in a new home and because of El Niño weather, which they had never experienced.

“They are probably very scared and hungry,” Uhl said. “We noticed they tunneled out when we were going to feed them breakfast.”

Uhl, her voice shaking as she spoke, asked anyone with information about the missing pooches to give her and Atwood a call.

“Please, Lord God, universe powers that be, they’re our furry children,” Uhl said. “Please bring them home.”