Plenty of thefts, burglaries in area

From the week of Nov. 22 to Nov. 29, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office responded to 86 calls throughout the county, including several in the Mountain Area related to thefts, such as a victim whose ex-boyfriend stole her dog.

Below are a summary of some of those calls.


*  Nov. 22: A mailbox cluster near the intersection of Quail Ridge Road and Road 426 was reportedly burglarized.

*  Nov. 23: A sheriff’s vehicle was damaged due to a traffic accident that occurred at the Sheriff’s Oakhurst Substation. No one was injured during the incident.

*  Nov. 24: A student in the 50000 block of Road 427 was found in possession of marijuana. Case to go to juvenile probation.

*  Nov. 24: Theft was reported in the 49000 block of Meadow Wood.

*  Nov. 24: A deputy was dispatched to the Oakhurst substation regarding theft from an unlocked vehicle. After writing a report, the items were later found at the owner’s house in a different vehicle.

*  Nov. 24: Possible search and rescue called in for a female whose vehicle was stuck in the mud in the area of Highway 41 and Sky Ranch Road. The woman and her car were found.

*  Nov. 25: An undetermined amount of alcohol reported stolen from a business in the 40000 block of Highway 49.

*  Nov. 25: A deputy was dispatched to the 41000 block of Highway 41 to assist in evicting people from a hotel room. After a warrant check, one suspect was arrested on a warrant from outside Madera County.

*  Nov. 27: Theft of money reported at a business in the 41000 block of Highway 41.

*  Nov. 29: A disturbance took place during an alcoholics anonymous meeting in the 40000 block of Highway 41. During the incident, a glass door was broken. The suspect was contacted and released, with the case submitted to the district attorney’s office for prosecution.


*  Nov. 22: Fight between family members in the 36000 block of Wells Road. No arrests were made.

*  Nov. 25: A deputy responded to the 33000 block of Highway 41 in regards to a dog fight. One person had been bitten while attempting to break up the fight.

*  Nov. 25: After investigation, a home in the 42000 block of Long Hollow Drive wasn’t burglarized, but vandalized, with shattered and damaged windows. No arrests were made but evidence was obtained.

*  Nov. 27: A female victim, with emails and text messages to corroborate her claim, told a deputy her ex-boyfriend stole her dog in the 36000 block of Mattie Fye Road. The suspect was contacted and admitted to taking the dog, however, he said it was due to it being left outside in cold weather. Arrangements were made to return the dog.

*  Nov. 29: Assault reported in the 45400 block of Meadow Brook Road.

*  Nov. 29: Burglary reported in the 30700 block of Titan Drive.

North Fork

*  Nov. 22: A male suspect was arrested for shoving his wife while drunk in the 59000 block of South Cascadel Drive.

*  Nov. 25: Commercial burglary reported in the 33000 block of Road 228. An unknown suspect attempted to take tools from a locked storage container after cutting through a chain link fence, but was scared off.

*  Nov. 25: A victim in the 55000 block of Road 200 said a pump house was broken into. Evidence was collected from the scene.


* Nov. 22: A theft was reported in the 45000 block of Leonard Court.

NOTE: The above is a sampling of calls to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office, and are in no way inclusive. All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty.