Mail theft on the rise

The community of Oakhurst, and surrounding areas, have experienced an overwhelming increase in vandalism to mail boxes, and tampering and theft of mail. What was once a problem primarily from Thanksgiving to New Year is now a daily (or nightly) occurrence.

Victims of mail theft often lose more than a letter or package. They are often victimized again when they find they are victims of identity theft. Thieves are looking for checks, credit cards, ATM cards, or items containing personal information, as well as items of value.

Thieves have been known to follow the mail carrier, stealing packages and breaking into mail boxes in broad daylight, shortly after delivery. Therefore, it is important to pick up your mail regularly and be on the lookout for suspicious activity, suspicious persons, and suspicious vehicles.

Suspicious persons or suspicious vehicles should be reported immediately to Madera County Sheriff's Office, (559) 675-7770. Incidents of vandalism and mail theft should also be reported to local Postmaster.

“If you have a camera with night vision capabilities, or a hunting camera, please use it to help catch these thieves,” Oakhurst Post Office Postmaster Irene Holly Baker said. “The problem is so bad we struggle to keep up with the repairs and all the associated reports - sheriff and Postal Inspection Service. The thefts are now occurring every day and night. Let’s work together to put a stop to the outrageous crime of mail theft, and let’s catch these thieves.”

Oakhurst Post Office