Yosemite lifts fire restrictions

Fire restrictions have been lifted in Yosemite National Park, officials announced this week.

Campfires are again permitted in the Yosemite Wilderness below 6,000 feet in elevation, after restrictions were implemented in July due to hot and dry weather conditions.

“The onset of cooler temperatures and recent rainfall have reduced fire danger,” officials said in a release.

Although fire restrictions have been lifted, it remains imperative to exercise caution and stay safe with fires, officials said with the following guidelines.

* Keep campfires small, in a safe area, and away from overhanging limbs.

* Use existing campfire rings - do not build new rings in the wilderness.

* Extinguish fires at least a half-hour before leaving camp; add water and stir the ashes.

* If you are backpacking, you are responsible for knowing the fire regulations where you travel.

Year-round fire bans still apply to some wilderness areas due to wood and resource scarcity. Officials recommend checking with Yosemite National Park’s Wilderness Office about travel plans, by calling (209) 372-0200.

Yosemite allows wood and charcoal fires in designated campgrounds including Upper Pines, Lower Pines, North Pines, Camp 4, Wawona, Bridalveil Creek, Hodgdon Meadow, Crane Flat, Tamarack Flat, White Wolf, Yosemite Creek, Porcupine Flat, and Tuolumne Meadows. Cooking fires may be used in designated picnic areas including Lembert Dome, Tenaya Lake, Yosemite Creek, Wawona, Glacier Point, Cascade, El Capitan, Cathedral Beach and Sentinel Beach.