A week filled with thefts, vandalism, and assaults

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office responded to 89 calls the week of Sept. 28 to Oct. 4. Here are some reported incidents in the Mountain Area, with an interactive map detailing each location available at


* Sept. 28 - Report of theft of gas from a vehicle parked in the 50000 block of Road 427.

* Sept. 28 - Report of fraud with a bad credit card at business in the 40200 block of Highway 41.

* Sept. 28 - A missing person was reported in the 38000 block of Bright Oak Lane. A deputy checked the house, area, and nearby hospitals with no results. The person was later found with a friend at Table Mountain Casino.

* Sept. 28 - Vandalism and theft was reported at Yosemite High School.

* Sept. 29 - Graffiti was reported on a driveway in the area of Goldside and Riverview drives.

* Sept. 30 - Report of stolen fuel from two county vehicles. A suspect, who wasn’t located, siphoned gasoline and fled. Scene processed for fingerprints and photographs.

* Oct. 1 - A juvenile brought marijuana to Yosemite High School, and was cited by a deputy.

* Oct. 2 - Report taken on a possible shooting in the Oakhurst area, though the reporting party gave no specific location on where it may have taken place. Request made for detectives to follow up.

* Oct. 3 - Trash dumped illegally in the 41000 block of Highway 41.

* Oct. 3 - A theft was reported in the parking lot of Starbucks on Highway 41. Report written for documentation.

* Oct. 4 - Deputy was dispatched to the 42000 block of Shady Lane in regards to an adult man who had been shot. After investigation, nobody appeared to be shot, but the people involved were intoxicated.


* Sept. 28 - A man with an outstanding felony warrant in the 4700 block of Veater Ranch Road was arrested and booked into Madera County Jail.

* Sept. 29 - Vehicle vandalism was reported in the 37000 block of Romero Lane.

* Sept. 29 - Report of residential burglary at 42000 block of Badger Circle Drive. Investigation conducted, report written, and case closed due to lack of investigative leads.

* Sept. 30 - Michael Lee Lapschies, 40 from Fresno and an alleged arson suspect, was arrested. He also allegedly made threatening phone calls to his ex-wife in Coarsegold, where he formerly lived.

* Oct. 1 - A wanted felon was arrested at a residence on Trabucco Road, and booked into Madera County Jail.

* Oct. 1 - Assault reported in the 36000 block of Wells Road.

* Oct. 1 - A home in the 30000 block of Titan Drive was reportedly burglarized. Several fingerprints were located and case will be sent to detectives.

* Oct. 2 - Threats reported in the 41000 block of Lilly Mountain Drive.

* Oct. 4 - Burglary was reported in the 42000 block of Deep Forest Drive. Report taken and forwarded to detectives.

North Fork

* Sept. 29 - Some items were stolen at a home in the 59000 block of Cascadel Drive.

* Sept. 29 - A marijuana grow in the area between 30000 and 31000 Road 222 was investigated, and the property owner agreed to eradicate the plants.

* Sept. 30 - In the area of Road 221 and Road 226, people were shooting from a moving vehicle. During investigation, a road sign, which states “Bandit Town,” had been shot with a shotgun. Report was written, no arrests, and evidence was obtained.

* Oct. 1 - A business in the 33000 block of Road 222 was vandalized.

* Oct. 1 - A home in the 35000 block of Shriners Lane was burglarized, with several televisions and other items stolen.

* Oct. 1 - Burglary reported at a business in the 58000 block of Road 225. Two suspects were seen jumping over a fence. One fled on foot, and the other was detained.

* Oct. 2 - Suspect in a black hoodie and a black mask over her face broke into a business in the 33000 block of Road 222 and stole cigarettes.

* Oct. 4 - Aggravated assault was reported in the 55000 block of Road 200.

* Oct. 4 - A home in the 52000 block of Meadow Ranch Road was burglarized.


* Sept. 28 - Report of adult male acting inappropriate around teenage girls at the 32000 block of Road 600. An investigation was conduced, report was written, all parties interviewed and case closed due to no actual crime occurring.


* Oct. 3 - A fire was reported in the 39000 block of Road 600. During a road closure on Road 400 for incoming fire crews, a deputy saw a man attempting to drive into the area. Upon a traffic stop, the man displayed signs of being DUI. He was then arrested.

* Oct. 4 - Burglary reported in the 44000 block of Road 619 in Ahwahnee.

Bass Lake

* Sept. 30 - A cabin in Sierra National Forest near the lake was vandalized.

NOTE: The above is a sampling of 89 calls to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office for the week of Sept. 28 to Oct. 4, and is in no way inclusive. Defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.