Come here legally, or don’t come at all

While a United States Marine sat in a Mexican jail for taking a wrong turn with registered weapons in his vehicle, Mexican President Nieto visits California Governor Jerry Brown and thanks our government for helping illegal immigrants, gifting him with a bottle of tequila. This would have been a golden opportunity for Gov. Brown to ask President Nieto about the marine and his release, but that did not happen.

Brown also should have grilled Nieto about the firing on U.S. Border Patrol Agents by the Mexican government over the past decade (Google “Mexico Fires on the Border Patrol” for ample reports). Apparently, that didn’t happen either. Our government and self-serving politicians choose to look the other way when Mexico breaks our laws, but the Mexican government will hold you indefinitely for accidentally turning left when you should have turned right at the border.

The fact that a marine who served our country was left to languish in a Mexican prison for months and our Border Patrol agents are actually being shot at is reprehensible and unacceptable. Why are there no consequences for Mexico?

Why wasn’t the media screaming about these issues as they were happening? Now, the IRS is handing out Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) to immigrants, regardless of their legal status, so that they may file tax returns and “pay taxes.” Unfortunately, there is a huge loophole available to illegal workers filing tax returns called The Additional Child Tax Credit.

These illegal immigrants are filing tax returns using false information and addresses, claiming not only their own children, but their nieces and nephews as dependents and receiving massive tax returns from our pockets. The IRS is fully aware of this practice but does absolutely nothing about it. I am willing to bet that if I filed a fraudulent tax return and received funds not due to me, the IRS would be knocking on my door and taking everything I own.

Why should it be any different for somebody who isn’t even a legal citizen?

As a result of a new law in California, more than half the driver’s licenses issued in 2015 are to illegal immigrants, regardless of residency status. How can laws like this be passed? The law was passed to ensure that illegal immigrants who are already driving illegally on California roads would have to undergo DMV training and buy auto insurance. However, the California Department of Insurance doesn’t even keep track of who buys insurance policies so there is no way to keep track of who has purchased insurance.

Supporters maintain that the law (among many others) will help illegal immigrants integrate into society. How about entering the U.S. legally and going through legal channels to integrate into U.S. society?

While California is welcoming illegal immigrants with open arms and pocketbooks, Texas is refusing to accept foreign birth certificates or foreign passports of children born to illegal immigrants (“anchor babies”). A recent article in the Fresno Bee recounted the story of a single mother who is living in Texas without proper citizenship (i.e. an illegal alien) who has two older children that received benefits from the State of Texas as they grew up. Now, she has given birth to another child and Texas won’t issue a birth certificate. She is upset because she cannot receive food stamps and health care for the baby without a U.S. birth certificate.

In response, Mexico has filed a brief attached to a current suit filed against the State of Texas in a strong-arm attempt to force the state to accept these certificates, based on our own 14th Amendment. What have we come to? Now, foreign governments are trying to dictate the policies and laws of the United States of America?

The fact that illegal immigrants are being issues ITINs, driver’s licenses, and birth certificates for “anchor babies” because they are born in this country, regardless of their parents’ resident status is outrageous. And don’t even get me started on illegal immigrants committing crimes against U.S. citizens and not being deported.

I completely support legal immigration to this country and welcome any immigrants who want to enter the U.S. legally and work for a living, paying taxes just as we do. What I don’t support is cheating and lying in order to receive benefits that my taxes subsidize, while I am struggling to support my family and barely making ends meet.

Come here honestly and legally, or don’t come at all.