Letters to the Editor - week of Sept. 3

Suicide Lane

Have you noticed the new “Road 209 Suicide Lane” merging onto southbound Highway 41?

Obviously, Caltrans took the low engineering bid on this dangerous fiasco. Please tell me that our county staff had nothing to do with this?

Those cretins who have been passing you on the right in the very short northbound right turn “scoop” lane at 145 and 41 can now also pass you on the right going southbound using the new merging lane.

Travelling south on 41, you will have to deftly negotiate merging (no stop signs) trucks on your right and oncoming northbound traffic on your left. Not to mention having to watch for the gravel spilled out of those truck trailers entering 41 from the soon to be operational Madera County Quarry on Road 209.

Can you imagine any Madera County supervisor supporting 400 more gravel truck trips a day and a YARTS stop at this woefully inadequate piece of asphalt?

For those who think that the “Great Wall of Coarsegold” was a colossal screw-up and liability, or that Rocky Cut is the most dangerous part of Highway 41 you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Ray Krause, O’Neals

Protest letter written to Hillview Water

We are very unhappy with Hillview’s decision to propose a significant rate hike on the Oakhurst community that relies on Hillview for their water supply. The basis for our concern is that we, as customers have waited patiently for Hillview to fulfill its promises to complete a 1,200-gallon-per-minute iron, manganese and arsenic removal plant and in the meantime we have suffered damage to our heating system, garbage disposal and swamp cooler directly attributed to the poor quality of the water Hillview provides.

The instant hot water system that heats our flooring, sink and bath water was stainless steel. This unit was only three years old when a hole the size of a dime was worn into the side requiring a full replacement.

Our garbage disposal stopped functioning 2 ½ years into its seven year warranty life, and our cooling unit requires regular maintenance due to the collection of corrosive materials on the parts. Metal on off valves have snapped in two and turned orange.

We have been depending on Hillview to fulfill its obligation to filter our water before the new hot water tank corrodes a second time. This would mean an expense to us of over $8,000.

An article in the January 23, 2014 edition of the Sierra Star states that the treatment plant is expected to be up and running in 2015. This, after years of letters promising the same going back more than eight years. The most recent letter from Hillview says to expect the new treatment plant in 2017. So now you need more money to hire extra employees for a plant that won’t be constructed for two more years?

We deserve good quality drinking and bathing water. Water that will not destroy our plumbing and appliances. Water that we can safely use in cooking and not have to buy hundreds of dollars a year in bottled water. At that point, a rate hike might be appropriate, but not until the problem is fixed.

Roger and Dottie Lee, Oakhurst