Assault by pepper spray or bear repellent

During the week of Aug. 24 to Aug. 30, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office responded to 81 calls. At noon on Aug. 24, in the 41000 block of Highway 49 in Oakhurst, a deputy responded to a reported domestic violence assault when a person was attacked by pepper spray or bear repellent. A report on the alleged assault, which was carried out in violation of a domestic violence court order, was forwarded to the district attorney’s office for charges.

Several other crimes were reportedly committed in the Mountain Area that week.


Aug. 24: Deputies responded to the 40000 block of Greenwood Way in regards to a burglarized storage shed. A report was requested for insurance purposes, and the case was closed.

Aug. 24: A fight was reported in the 40000 block of Goldside Drive. Upon arrival, a person involved was found with a warrant, and the fight was unfounded. The person was issued a citation and the case was closed.

Aug. 25: During a patrol check near the Oakhurst Library, a person with several outstanding misdemeanor county warrants was cited and released.

Aug. 26: A dog bite occurred in the 40000 block of Highway 49. Report was forwarded to the animal control department.

Aug. 28: A business in the 39000 block of Highway 41 was vandalized, with items stolen. A report on the case was taken.

Aug. 28: A vehicle was burglarized in the 39000 block of Road 425B.

Aug. 30: A deputy in the 48000 block of Royal Oaks Drive arrested both a male and female suspect after a domestic violence order was violated. The female suspect was booked into Madera County Jail, while the male half was cited and released on a misdemeanor bench warrant.


Aug. 24: A wallet in the area of Aspen Court off of Road 416 was picked up and taken to the Oakhurst Substation as found property.

Aug. 27: A vehicle was reportedly burglarized in the 43000 block of Ranger Circle Drive.

Aug. 28: A report was written in regards to alleged threats made by a co-worker.

Aug. 29: A firearm went missing in the 42000 block of Starlight Drive. A search was conducted but the weapon was not found. It was entered into databases as lost.

Aug. 29: Child abuse in the 44000 block of Lookout Court was investigated and sent to the district attorney’s office for possible charges.

Aug. 30: A commercial burglary took place in the 34000 block of Highway 41. Investigation was conducted, and evidence was collected.

North Fork

Aug. 24: There was an assault by vehicle reported in Road 200 and Road 221. After investigation, no arrests were made though a report was sent to the district attorney’s office for requested charges.

Bass Lake

Aug. 25: Two vehicle burglaries were reported in the 54000 block of Road 432.

Aug. 30: In the 54000 block of Road 432, a situation was investigated for alleged fraud. A couple on vacation from the United Kingdom reportedly had a large sum of money taken from them through a bank transaction prior to coming to the United States.


Aug. 26: A suspicious incident was reported at Spring Valley Elementary School. Case was closed.

Aug. 28: A student in the 45000 block of Road 200 reportedly possessed marijuana. The case was referred to the district attorney’s office.


Aug. 28: Vandalism was reported in the 34000 block of Sunridge Drive, with victim statements taken by deputies.

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Note: The above calls are a sampling of the 81 calls to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office, and are in no way inclusive. All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty.

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