Bass Lake Water Co. storage ‘critically’ low

Water storage levels have reduced within the Bass Lake Water Company service area to a critically low level.

As of Tuesday morning, Aug, 18, the available storage is 33% of normal conditions and declining due to demand exceeding the available supply.

The Bass Lake community is being asked to increase their conservation efforts to avoid outages. The result of this situation is because the main source of water from the North Fork of Willow Creek has ceased to flow.

The reserves have been declining since the last water from that source was used a week ago on Tuesday, Aug. 11. Now the system is relying completely on its groundwater wells. Due to reduced flow in the Creek earlier this summer, Stage 3Water Rules, which prohibit all outside watering, have been in effect since July 1.

The utility began hauling in potable water to supplement its groundwater supply yesterday but it cannot haul enough to meet the demand without further conservation efforts. The company's service area includes the residential area from Willow Cove to the north end of the lake and serves 1,000 connections.

Customers are being encouraged to report any leaks or unpermitted use of water to the Bass Lake Water Company office, (559) 642-2494.

Bass Lake Water Co.