Tax collections expected to top $145 million

The total tax collections for fiscal year 2014-15 is expected to top $145 million from secured, unsecured and supplemental property taxes.

“The delinquency rate from December’s first installment payments was less than 2%,” said Madera County Treasurer-Tax Collector Tracy Kennedy. “That is amazing, and hopefully this is a small sign that our local economy is improving.”

In May, the department’s online tax sale was conducted and 24 parcels were sold. The bidding resulted in $110,000 collected over and above the minimum bid required.

All minimum bids included taxes and costs of conducting the tax sale.

The excess proceeds are available for the lienholders or owners to claim any excess amount. They can file documentation to verify they are due a portion of the sale amount.

On July 30, more than 4,000 unsecured tax bills will be mailed. These bills are for businesses, leased property, aircraft, boats and mobile homes. I

n order to calculate the proper tax amount, the taxpayer needs to complete the Business Property Statement mailed by the County Assessor.

“It is very important that taxpayers complete the forms and return them when required,” Kennedy said.

“In my opinion, it’s more productive to take a few minutes and complete those forms so that your upcoming tax bill is correct, than trying to get something corrected the next year,” said Kennedy. “It’s more efficient for the taxpayer.”

Any payments made by check to the tax collector’s office after Aug. 1 will be processed completely at the Tax Collectors office.

As a convenience you may still also pay your tax bills online via credit card. Simply access our website, www.madera-county/treasurer and follow the prompts after choosing Pay Your Taxes Online.

Same day check processing for tax payments

Effective Aug. 1, the Madera County Tax Collectors office will be implementing the “Check 21” payment processing. This process will automatically deposit funds to the county’s bank the same day that the tax collector receives a check payment.

“This allows for same day credits for the county and reduces costs,” Kennedy said. “Taxpayers will not receive their cancelled checks in their bank statements. Funds will be withdrawn from taxpayers’ accounts quicker than before due to the electronic file system.”

Taxpayers need to be aware that funds will be withdrawn from their bank accounts the same day. Taxpayers also need to be aware that their checks will not be returned to them.

Details: (559) 675-7713.

- Staff report