New Rotary leaders

Mountain Area Rotary clubs are under the helm of two new presidents. As of July 1, Jackie Mallouf will serve as the Sunrise Rotary Club president, and Dr. Bob Brosi is the Noon Rotary Club president. They bring with them a combined 58 years of club service.

Being president is something Mallouf has wanted for many years, believing it is part of her community obligation, and calling it an honor to represent her club. Saying it was a hard-won battle for the title would be quite a stretch.

“I would like to say that there were 16 candidates for the office of president this year, and that I had prevailed in a hotly contested final vote,” Mallouf said, “but that wouldn’t be exactly true.”

Mallouf was approached several years ago to serve, but because the bulk of her time was focused on the restoration of the Little Church on the Hill, she declined. Now that the church restoration has been completed, she has the time to serve as president.

“I have been a part of the Sunrise Club for more than 25 years,” Mallouf explained. “When my husband Doug joined the Sunrise Club in 1987, I stood in on Rotary projects when Doug’s work at the pharmacy didn’t permit him time off. After many years of participating and photographing all of the events and parties, I was made an honorary member when they heard that I was planning to publish my photographs under the working title of, ‘The Cross-Dressers I Have Known.’”

Mallouf herself is one of those “cross-dressers.” She’s been seen at community events dressed as “Addie” at the Heritage Days Parade, and Whisper the Clown or Charlie Chaplin.

Despite her teasing, she said that she plans for a dignified year in office. Then, on second thought, Mallouf added, “... is that going to happen? I don’t think so.”

“I’m totally confident in Jackie being able to handle everything the club presents her, and to continue expanding our growth and service to the community,” Tim Madden, outgoing president said. “My one tip to Jackie would be to do a better job at delegating than I did.”

There are no big changes ahead for the Sunrise group, “... just more of the same good stuff we’ve been doing all along,” Mallouf said. “Rotary and my church remain the two trusted organizations that I will work for with heart and energy for good in my community, my country, and for many, many parts of the world.”

Noon Rotary

This is the second time Bob Brosi has served as Rotary president. His first presidency was back in 1991.

“I guess I didn’t get it right the first time,” Brosi teased, “so I decided to try it again.”

Brosi has been a Rotary member for 33 years, and said that with clubs of 35-50 members, it’s inevitable that you will be called to serve in office more than once.

“Having served before, I do bring experience as president,” Brosi explained. “This time, I think I’m going to depend on my officers, my board of directors to do more things - to delegate and use my resources - rather than trying to run the club by myself.”

Brosi’s focus will be on a large community project in the future. What that is, he isn’t quite sure yet. Increasing Rotary membership is one goal, and having fun remains a club constant.

Joint event

The first joint effort between the two clubs will be the official visit of the Rotary District Governor Ellen Hancock, from Stockton, on July 21. Hancock will conduct a business interview with both clubs, followed by a social evening with all Rotary members.