Radio club field day this weekend

The public is invited to observe The Mountain Amateur Radio Club’s “Field Day” event from 11 a.m. Saturday through 11 a.m. Sunday adjacent to True Value Home Center, 40596 Westlake Drive off Highway 49.

“Field Day” is an international two-day event that demonstrates the ability of “ham” operators to set up and operate emergency radio equipment should a major disaster occur, using temporary antennas and portable generators.

Hams have been providing critical communications during emergencies when there is no other means to communicate for nearly 100 years. Their slogan is, “When all else fails, ham radio works.”

Field Day, the most popular on-the-air event, with more than 35,000 participants annually, also includes a contest to achieve as many radio contacts as possible within the designated 24 hour period.

“This event also serves as a major social event for the club where all get together and have a jolly good time,” said Alan Gil, club secretary. “The public is welcome to come see how our radio operators work - we even offer a chance for anyone, including children, who wishes to actually operate one of the radios, and speak to a far away station.”

Details: Alan Gil, (559) 683-8095.

- Mountain Amateur Radio Club