CHP will conduct DUI check-point Saturday

The Oakhurst office of the California Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety/driver license checkpoint in the Oakhurst area Saturday. In addition, specially assigned officers will patrol the surrounding area searching for DUI drivers.

Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoints will be staffed by CHP officers who are trained in the detection of alcohol and/or impaired drivers. The officers will also be equipped with hand-held breath testing devices which provide an accurate measure of blood alcohol concentrations of suspected intoxicated drivers.

Motorists approaching the sobriety/driver license checkpoint will see informational signs advising them that a checkpoint is ahead. Once diverted into the lane, motorists will be detained for a few moments while the officer explains the purpose of the checkpoint.

“All too often, members of the community are senselessly injured or killed on our local roadways in traffic collisions, especially when the collision involves intoxicated or unlicensed drivers,” said Oakhurst Area CHP Commander Lieutenant Jason Daughrity. “The goal of the CHP is to ensure the safe passage of each and every motorist by targeting roads where there is a high frequency of intoxicated and unlicensed drivers. It also sends a clear message to those who consider mixing drinking with driving. A sobriety/license checkpoint is a proven effective tool for achieving this goal and is designed to augment existing patrol operations.”

Lt. Daughrity emphasized that traffic volume permitting, all vehicles that enter into the checkpoint will be checked for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving while unlicensed.

“Our objective is to send a clear message to those individuals that consider mixing alcohol or drugs with driving and/or drive when unlicensed ... you will be caught,” Daughrity said. “The drivers of vehicles whose license status is suspended will be cited and their vehicles may be towed away. The drivers of vehicles who are unlicensed will also be cited and their vehicles may be towed away if no licensed driver is available.”

Funding for the operation is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The checkpoint will be operated from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.