Jamba Juice to close its doors June 16

After about 13 years, Jamba Juice will serve its last customer and close its doors for the last time on Tuesday, June 16. Regular customers are unhappy with the news, and employees are down-hearted.

The closure isn’t due to lack of business, but because the company that owns the Jamba Juice stores had a goal to sell all locations to private owners. With the Oakhurst store up for sale for six months, and no buyer, the eight employees now find themselves out of jobs.

“I’ve been here seven years,” General Manager Dustin Didrickson said, “including one year as manager. We just found out four weeks ago that this location was closing, and I was shocked. I haven’t really processed it yet, don’t have anything else lined up, and I’m considering moving out of food service to something new ... I’ll just have to see what comes up.”

Cory Ward, a two-year employee, said he’s disappointed and isn’t sure what he’s going to do next. Brian Kleemeyer, a recent hire, said he went through the same thing when Little Caesar’s Pizza closed last year, and now “here I am again, after working here two months.”

Beau Demers, 2013 YHS graduate has worked there three years. He plans on working with his father installing solar.

“This is such a bummer,” Demers said. “Everyone here is like my family, so this is really sad.”

“This is sad for our town. Sad for the employees who are so nice. It’s just a shame,” said regular customer Lynn Cederblom. “These big corporations just don’t understand a small town.”

Semi-regular customer Marlyssa Mecchi said it’s sad and horrible that Jamba Juice is closing. She ordered her favorite drink for one of the last times, while her daughter, Kaelyn, 2 & 1/2 years of age, sipped on her chocolate milk, sitting at one of the few tables left in this popular spot that offers healthy fruit smoothies, all-natural baked goods, and shots of wheat grass.