Brotherly fight with hockey sticks results in two arrests

Sheriff deputies were dispatched to a residence off Road 600 in Ahwahnee on May 22 for a report of two brothers fighting with each other with hockey sticks. Nathaniel Follette, 30, was arrested for resisting an officer, contempt of court, and violation of probation.

William Robert Follette O’Keefe Jr, 24, was not arrested, but charges of violating a restraining order were filed with the DA.

Additional recent sheriff office calls include the following:


* 11:08 p.m., May 18 - Report of a possible overdose of prescription medications off River Park Road. The male had consumed a large number of prescription pills and an alcoholic beverage with no intention of harming himself. He was placed on a 72- hour hold due to his inability to care for himself.

* 10:57 a.m., May 19 - Sergeant of the POP unit checks behind Sears building and finds two subjects camping in a tent. The sergeant warns them about trespassing and conducts a warrant check. One of the subjects comes back with a warrant, and is cited.

* 12:44 p.m., May 19 - While conducting follow-up related to a credit card fraud investigation off Road 222, a rent-a-car is discovered that had been involved in a major collision. This vehicle is later determined to be rented fraudulently by means of a fraudulent credit card.

* 12:29 p.m., May 19 - Suspect is found in possession of a locking bladed knife on Yosemite High School campus. Suspect is suspended from school.

* 10:11 a.m., May 20 - A subject on probation is at Oakhurst Park, where he has been banned. He was found to be in possession of glass pipe with white residue, and was cited.

* 12:40 p.m., May 20 - Suspect in fraud case located at an area restaurant, and arrested for outstanding warrants out of Mariposa County. The arrestee was in possession of a controlled substance at the time of his arrest.

* 9:17 a.m., May 21 - Deputy responds to Vons regarding credit card fraud.

* 12:52 p.m., May 21 - A subject is arrested for having a confirmed felony warrant on Highway 49. The subject was also found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia.

* 5:45 p.m., May 26 - POP unit sergeant finds a subject with a warrant for his arrest at the Oakhurst Community College; subject searched and given a citation.

* 6:18 p.m., May 27 - Deputies along with the POP unit find squatters and a marijuana garden at an abandoned home on Highway 41. One male subject took off running from one of the plots into the brush, was able to get away, but was later identified by one of the deputies giving chase. The marijuana plants were collected with charges to be filed.


* 2:50 p.m., May 18 - Report of fraud off Yosemite Springs Parkway.

* 4:18 p.m., May 18 - Deputy responded to report of vandalism off Road 425B. A male was placed into custody and charged with related charges and outstanding warrants.

* 2 p.m., May 19 - Report of road rage assault off Road 417, where one male is injured and taken to Community Regional Medical Center.

* 1:32 p.m., May 19 - Report of a stolen bobcat front loader and dual axle trailer off Hogans Mountain Road.

* 10 a.m., May 20 - Adult suspect has consensual sex with minor female. Charges filed with DA.

* 4:33 p.m., May 23 - A subject cuts his wrists and is bleeding off Yosemite Springs Drive. He’s placed on a 5150 hold.

* 9:29 a.m., May 24 - Report of a stolen vehicle off Stetson Court. It is found that grand theft is committed and CHP assist with the report.

* 1:09 p.m., May 26 - Report of trespassing on Chukchansi Casino property. It was found that some of the subjects were suspended from the property and were trespassing, they stated they did not know they were banned from the property and left without incident.

* 2:42 p.m., May 26 - Report of child neglect on Mudge Ranch Road. Deputy finds evidence of neglect, child is turned over to CPS, and case forwarded for prosecution.

* 10 a.m., May 27 - Female suspect student takes laptop from school without permission, her parents find it at home, the laptop is returned to the school, and the student is suspended.

* 8:45 p.m., May 28 - Report of a man yelling and trying to fight with people at a local business on Highway 41. The male subject was later found to be intoxicated, was placed into custody, and turned over to the county Department of Corrections.

Bass Lake

* 2:52 p.m., May 18 - Burglary reported to a home on Cowboy Trail.

* 11:01 a.m., May 23 - Report of vandalism off Robin. While at scene, a female is located and found to have two active warrants, and is cited.

* 11:27 a.m., May 24 - Deputy dispatched to Road 222 regarding suspicious subject, who is found to be on probation and has a meth pipe in his back pack.

North Fork

* 10 a.m., May 20 - Report of the theft of a riding lawn mover off Duke Road.

* 12:29 p.m., May 21 - PG&E power station reports vandalism to chain link fence.


* 6:20 a.m., May 21 - Report of vandalism to a vehicle off Windy Gap Drive.

* 3:10 p.m., May 22 - Victim is found crawling along side the roadway, yelling and scared. Victim found to be unable to care for himself and is transported to hospital by Sierra Ambulance.

* 4:43 p.m., May 25 - Report of sexual assault off Windy Gap Drive; case forwarded for follow-up investigation.

Note: The above are a sampling of the 194 calls for service made to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office for the week of May 18 - May 31, and are in no way inclusive. All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty.