Students suspended for grade changes

Two seniors have been suspended from Minarets High School just weeks before graduation for unlawfully hacking into teacher’s grade books and changing grades. The names of the students were not released because they are under 18 years old.

According to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office, charges for computer crimes are expected to be filed against the two students for obtaining teacher password credentials to unlawfully go online to change grades.

A number of students at the school were contacted about having grades changed for $10 per class. At this time, the sheriff’s office has confirmed seven students had their grades changed.

After several months, a teacher became aware of the unlawful entries, contacted the suspects, and the school conducted a thorough investigation.

“It has become evident to Chawanakee Unified School District personnel that the computerized academic grading system has been accessed by a small group of students in order to modify their own grades,” said Principal Daniel Ching. “This incident has been isolated to Minarets High School / Minarets Charter.”

Ching said school officials are conducting a comprehensive review of the school’s electronic grading system.

“The district has determined this was an isolated incident involving student grade changes during the current term,” Ching said. “Our current system is configured to flag all ongoing grade changes as well as their sources, so as each assignment is reviewed, changed grades are readily identifiable. Grades prior to the 2014-15 grade year were not tampered with. Furthermore, the system accessed by students was not the districts “system of record” containing personal data, but rather isolated to individual gradebooks.”

Ching explained that the student information system and the grading system are completely separate and distinct, with distinct security protocols.

“The District has also taken preventative measures to ensure that the opportunity for student tampering with grade books is minimized in the future,” Ching said. “Chawanakee Unified School District takes seriously any allegations of unauthorized computer access and grade tampering, and will take appropriate action as necessary. Students involved in this incident will be disciplined under the appropriate provisions of the California Educational Code governing student suspension and expulsion as well as the California penal code, where appropriate.”

Students, parents, or community members who would like further information should contact Bob Nelson, Chawanakee superintendent at

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NOTE: The above are a sampling of the 113 calls for service made to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office for the week of May 4 - May 11, and are in no way inclusive. All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty.