Hyatt honored for his contributions for music teacher

Former Yosemite High School Music Director Randy G. Hyatt, was honored May 6, with the unveiling of his name on the school’s music building, prior to the Badger Band and Percussion’s final concert of the school year.

Hyatt, who oversaw the growth of the school’s music program for 11 years, retired last year.

Yosemite Union High School District Superintendent Jim Sargent said it was his honor to officially recognize the naming of the YHS music building “for an incredible individual, who has made music come alive for all of us in these beautiful mountains.”

As Sargent announced the dedication and the new name was unveiled by custodians Sally Condon, and Arnold Harris, the Badger band had a surprise of its own for Hyatt - they played “Hail to the Chief” as he walked toward the podium.

“I was totally surprised to hear the band play that special tune as a tribute for this special moment,” Hyatt said. “When I first heard of the dedication I was humbled and blessed. There have been so many great students and parents who have made the past 11 years successful. It has been a team effort, however like any great team there must be a leader and someone with the vision. I want to thank the students, parents, school board and administration in their support and for this great honor.”

Hyatt also thanked his wife and family for their support over the years.

Sargent said Hyatt arrived at Yosemite High School in the summer of 2002 and immediately began to build the school’s music program and the Oakhurst community band with his expertise, and enthusiasm.

“To accomplish this Mr. Hyatt gave his musical talent, visionary leadership, teaching, conducting, and his organizational abilities to build the music program at Yosemite High School,” Sargent said. “He was responsible for many community events, topped off perhaps as much as anything by his creation of the annual Night on the Town showcase for Yosemite High School musicians. His bands performed at local events that add to our community life, performed in the Fresno Veterans Parade, and has exposed Yosemite music students to museums, and the opportunity to work with cutting edge professionals, and entertainment giants such as Disneyland.”

He also helped assist in the formation of a middle school Honor Band. Provided students the opportunity to participate in Wind Ensemble, Percussion, Jazz Band and other honor ensembles.

It was Hayatt that started a tradition of presenting a half time field show at Yosemite home football games. His bands participated in many music festivals, performed in many theme parks including Universal Studios and Disneyland, marched in the Fresno Veterans Day Parade, Oakhurst’s Heritage Days Parade, participated in the Selma and Merced band reviews, and the Fresno State Band Days.

Sargent said that when he talked to everyone who worked with Hyatt, the first thing they all mentioned was his dedication to the young men and women in his bands.

“You saw it in his face, and you cannot count all the hours he put in either in this building, on the road, and in other venues mentoring, encouraging, teaching and enjoying the many students who were fortunate to be a part of his programs,” Sargent said. “He loved those students.”

Sargent noted that he has heard from many individuals that are so proud Hyatt’s name will represent them and what the music program means to this community.

Music was a big part of Eirena Ewert’s YHS experience. The 2014 graduate, now attending Simpson University in Redding, and continuing her studies in choir and symphony orchestra, Ewert said Hyatt was her personal cheerleader for music during high school.

“He saw me at my worst as a young and emotional freshman, crying over not having black socks for a football game, and he saw me at my best while being band and choir president during my senior year, as well as receiving scholarships to colleges,” Ewert said. “He started me on the bassoon which has gotten me to where I am today with a small bassoon scholarship. He pushed me when I thought that I was at my limit, and he made me see who I could one day become.”

“We thank Randy for his commitment and we all know him for doing all of this with great humility,” Sargent said. “In honor of his dedication and the lasting legacy that he has established, it is my pleasure to officially today, May 6, 2015, to dedicate the Randy G Hyatt Music building here at Yosemite High.”

“The naming of the music building signifies acknowledgment of the great tradition of music that has taken place at YHS and in the Oakhurst community,” Hyatt said. “To me this is a sign of a commitment to the future, to move forward from this point on and continue the great history of music at Yosemite High School.”