Given that unattended campfires have been the cause of statewide fires over the years, Cal Fire offers the following guidelines:

*  Secure necessary permits to build a campfire.

*  Locate campfire a safe distance from tents, trees, or buildings.

*  Scrape away grass and needles within a 10-foot diameter.

*  Be sure campfire is out before leaving the area.

*  Wear snug fitting clothing around campfires.

*  Supervise children closely around a campfire.

*  Teach everyone to stop, drop, and roll.

Recreational Vehicles

*  Use only electric or battery lights in RVs.

*  Clean and maintain appliances, gas connections, and fume vents.

*  When using propane appliances, light a match before turning on gas.

*  Place portable heaters away from combustibles.

*  Do not block exit ways.

*  Extinguish smoking materials before going to sleep.

*  Teach children to operate emergency escape hatches.

*  Keep a fire extinguisher by the exit door, and install a battery operated smoke detector.

*  Prepare and practice a fire escape plan.

*  In case of fire while driving, turn off the ignition and evacuate the vehicle.

Flammable Liquids

*  Use flammable liquids only for intended purpose.

*  Fill lanterns and stoves away from heat sources.

*  Use a funnel; clean spills immediately.

*  Store flammable liquids outside, away from tent or RV.

*  Store in approved metal safety can.

*  Transport only minimal amounts in well ventilated area.

*  Buy only a flame-resistant tent.

*  Clear a 3-foot area around tent site.

*  Keep lanterns and open flames outside of the tent.

*  Extinguish fires and turn off lanterns and stoves before going to bed.

*  Keep a fire extinguisher inside the tent.

*  Be prepared to cut your way out of the tent if a fire occurs.

- Cal Fire