Students of the month recognized by Rotary

Yosemite High School staff members, Steve Browning, Stephanie Samuels and Tammy Thacker, presented three top students to the Sunrise Rotarians for recognition as Students of the Month. Although the students received the honors in the months of November, January and February, recognition was delayed due to holiday schedules.

Sunrise Rotary President Tim Madden said this program of recognizing student achievement is not only great for students but a reminder to all of us that, “today’s students are awesome.”

Browning introduced Katelyn Suderman, a Spanish scholar and a devoted worker in community service projects. Suderman recently completed her senior project in a small village in Mexico. Her first trip below the border. She and other team members gave young people instruction in personal hygiene and spent time at an orphanage with children who were surprised at her command of Spanish. Browning said, “her energy and devotion to scholarship is amazing.”

YHS senior Salina Ramirez was introduced by Samuels. Ramirez is not only a top student but a gifted office worker who has excelled in efficiency and cheerfulness.

“Salina is always calm and confident no matter the stressfulness of a situation.” Samuels said her senior project was working with the homeless because she saw a need to help them - she is always committed to helping others.

Rotarians were introduced to Kelsi Stieler by Thacker. As well as being an IB student, Stieler helped YHS bring home a Central Section D-11 golf championship this year. Her leadership skills have been honed and rehearsed as the president of the class of 2015 for the last three years. “It has been a joy working with her; she will be successful at whatever she chooses to do in life,” Thacker said.

- Jackie Mallouf, Sunrise Rotary