Laptops in Bass Lake district classrooms

All third through eighth grade students in the Bass Lake School District received Chromebooks to use in the classroom.

“These laptops have turned learning into an adventure where third grade students are happy to write five paragraph essays, compose poems using similes and metaphors, and learn Common Core math standards through an engaging website called Sokikom,” said Wasuma Elementary School third grade teacher Elaine Brown.

Last year, the district hired Steffan John, to keep students, teachers, and staff up and running on the information highway.

In addition to John, this year the district hired David Eicholtz to teach and support students and teachers in the vast opportunities of online instruction.

“These two men have fully transported the district into the 21st century in a matter of months,” said District Superintendent Glenn Reid. “The results have been tremendous. Students are engaged, excited about research, and creating projects that they are proud to present to fellow students and parents. Students are learning how to access the information they need to be successful now and in the future workplace.”

According to Reid, traditional means of teaching are still a part of everyday learning, but the new technology has challenged students to do more school work with joy and enthusiasm.

- Staff Report