Auditor-Controller announces completion of annual audit

The Madera County Auditor-Controller announced today to the Board of Supervisors that, for the first time in at least 15 years, Madera County financial statements were filed with the State before the required March 31 deadline.

Madera County has been criticized in past years for not completing the annual audit on time. In some cases the audits were over a year late. “That era is over,” declared Todd Miller, Madera County’s recently elected Auditor-Controller. “Our County staff stepped up and completed two years work in the past nine months, spending their evenings and weekends in the office.”

Past late audits have delayed funds flowing to the County and, in some cases, grant funds have been lost or not applied for. Miller congratulated his staff at the March 27th Supervisor’s board meeting stating that they deserved to be acknowledged for their accomplishment. Miller also thanked the Board of Supervisors and County Administrative Officer for helping him obtain needed resources for the Auditor-Controller department.

“This accomplishment is important to the people of Madera County,” stated Miller. “On-time audit reports mean enhanced cash flows to the County and should improve the County’s credit rating.”

Miller has been on the job for nine months after being elected in the June 2014 primary and being appointed by the Supervisors to fill the vacated position until year end. His elected term started January 1, 2015.

- Madera County