Cal Fire encourages ‘defensible space’

Residents of Madera county play a vital role in the fire protection system and efforts to minimize fire hazards is crucial according to Cal Fire. The spring season is a perfect opportunity to clear away all dead or dying brush and prune up trees. Following established fire safety measures is proven to assist homeowners in the protection of their homes, families and their community. A 100-foot clearance around all structures is the best offense to wildfire.

Clearing an area of 30-feet immediately surrounding your home is the critical lean, clean and green zone. This zone must have all flammable vegetation and other combustible growth removed. Single specimens of healthy and well maintained trees or other vegetation may be retained provided they are well spaced, well pruned and healthy.

Residents can further reduce wildfire hazards by following these important safety precautions which are mandated by Public Resources Code 4291:

1. Clear all needles and leaves from your roof, eaves and rain gutters.

2. Remove tree limbs within 10-feet of your chimney and all dead tree limbs hanging over your house, garage or any structure.

3. Cover your chimney outlet or stovepipe with a spark-arresting screen of ½ inch or smaller mesh.

4. Install and maintain spark arresters in all chain saws, portable equipment, tractors and motorcycles.

Note: Additional information may be obtained at your local Cal Fire station or by calling (209) 966-3622 or on the Cal Fire website at and r .

- Cal Fire