Celebration of love

Romance was in the air last Thursday when 18 couples and 10 singles (after losing a spouse), were honored for more than 50 years of marriage.

During the catered lunch, the 75 guests enjoyed the romantic music of Mary Posluch on the piano and Sarah Ottley on the violin. The Bill Seaberg Trio (Linda and Bill, with sister Dorothy Landrey), took center stage, singing a medley of wedding songs popular in the 1950s and ‘60s, including a crowd favorite, ‘Always’ (written by Irving Berlin in 1925).

“The number one bachelor, George Clooney, had ‘Always’ sang at his wedding, just as his parents had done before him,” Linda said. “It may be an old song, but it’s still popular today.”

The music shifted to the theme song for the old television show, ‘The Newlywed Game.’ The name had been changed to ‘The Not So Newlywed Game,’ with David Detmer replacing Bob Eubanks as host.

Detmer got the game started with a crowd pleaser.

“The prize for the winning couple is a three day, two night stay at Chukchansi, remarkably in a non-smoking room ... we’ll even throw in dinner.”

The group enthusiastically showed their appreciation for Detmer’s wit with loud laughs and strong applause. Then the game began in earnest.

The wives left the room, as the husbands wrote answers to questions like: “What was the first car you bought as a couple?” (Detmar couldn’t help himself, adding, “Now, some of you may go so far back that it wasn’t a car, but a horse, so you can write an old gray mare.”)

“Within three, how many pairs of shoes will your wife say she has?” One response was 27 1/2. His wife answered 25, so they got the point.

At the end, three of the four couples tied - church pastor Rick Lemberg and his wife, Kathy; Jack and Diane Jines; and Mike and Patty Bradley. Instead of a tie-breaker, the real prize (a glass heart filled with Dove chocolates) went to the losing couple, Phil and Cathy Walker.

All event attendees are members of the Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church.

The Seabergs, who coordinate senior events along with the Sierra Joy committee, planned the luncheon.

“We heard over and over at Sunday service what a great event this was, that it was the best ever,” Linda said. “And later, Cathy (Walker) mentioned that she and Phil would have enjoyed their stay at Chukchansi, but the power was off, it was cold, and the room hadn’t been cleaned.”

It was not only endless love, but endless fun.