Raley’s celebrates 80 years in business

Raley’s shopping centers are celebrating their 80th anniversary. Founded in 1935 by Thomas P. Raley, Raley’s began as a drive-in convenient store which provided household grocery products for folks in Placerville, California. Eighty years later the store has grown in to a supermarket with more than 127 locations and employes more than 13,000 people nationwide. The store continues its original creed of providing health-conscious, delicious, easy meal ideas at a low price.

Raley’s 80th anniversary coincides with a renewed company-wide commitment to the wellness and sustainability of surrounding communities by partnering with local farmers to ensure customers can get the best fresh products, and local food banks through the Food For Families program.

As one of the largest family owned supermarket chains in the country, with headquarters in West Sacramento, Raley’s operates 127 stores in Northern California-Nevada under four banners: Raley’s, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods, and Food Source. Throughout its history the Raley’s family has strived to make its customers’ lives better by delivering a personalized food shopping experience.

Despite growing beyond what was originally envisioned, Raley’s has found a way to keep the company a family owned market. Following the passing of Thomas Raley, Joyce Raley Teel, Thomas’ daughter, took over as sole owner. Under her leadership and guidance the company has grown to annual sales of more then $3 billion and Joyce was recently named fifth in the nation among women business owners by Working Woman and Forbes magazines.

In the past Raley’s has set the precedent of being a environmentally conscious company setting several standards in today’s market place including the introduction of the NutriClean which tests for pesticide levels in produce. The program is known as AgriCheck.

Being at the front of innovation and staying up with the evolution of supermarkets Raley’s representatives plan to head into the bright new future of growth by leading the way in customer service and satisfaction living by the Raley’s Way motto - “to infuse life with health and happiness and to make shopping easier, better and more personal.”

Locally, Oakhurst’s Raley’s continues to offer fresh choices as one of three major grocery stores offering services to the Mountain Area. The local Raley’s opened Nov. 25, 1981 as the first supermarket chain to find its way to Oakhurst replacing previous market places such as Midway Market which was established as the area’s first supermarket back in the 1950’s. The Midway Market later became Dairyland Market then Cromwell's, and back to Dairyland. Raley’s is currently under the management of General Manager Rob Keihlmeier.

The 54,000 square-foot building was part of the $4 million investment that brought Raley’s to Oakhurst and at the time was one of the largest Raley’s in construction.

In honor of the 80th anniversary Raley‘s in Placerville store planned a multi-day celebration, where team members dressed in vintage-inspired uniforms. Customers participated in raffles, enjoyed popcorn and cake, and where shown a 1930s car put on display for customers. Raley’s plans to continue the year-long celebration with recognition programs throughout the year.