Spunky detecting

Trixie is a headstrong, determined and arrogant teenager. Along with her chums, Trudy and Bobby Jo, Trixie with magnifying glass in hand, (think of Sherlock Holmes), tries to solve the mystery of Gravestead Manor, dodging many perils while searching for clues in a haunted house. During this Scooby-Doo-like adventure, the trio encounters secret agents, criminals, circus performers, plumbers, rich snobs, girl scouts, and gypsies, with one of their favorites being Madame Zolga (played by Zoe Bush) because “she’s so odd, has a Russian accent, and is very theatrical.”

Trixie the Teenage Detective, presented by the Yosemite High School Theater Arts Department, features Kendra Tapia in the lead role of Trixie, with Caden McCoon (Trudy) and Sierra Sosa (Bobby Jo) as her sidekicks. Trixie is a spunky adventurer, Trudy is a “scaredy cat” afraid of everything, and Bobby Jo is a sarcastic tomboy.

All three are sophomores, and while this may be their first performance on the YHS stage, all caught the acting bug in elementary school. Tapia enjoys playing someone different from herself, McCoon loves the creative process and being on stage, and Sosa shares the same love of performing as her mother and grandmother.

The cast has a total of 25 students, including members of the schools’ varsity basketball, swim, and welding teams.

“It’s difficult to find plays that have enough parts for all my students, that will appeal to the high school community, and present some interesting challenges for the young actors,” YHS drama instructor-director Lars Thorson said. “I am fortunate enough to have an outstanding young actress playing the lead. Kendra Tapia is vivacious and boisterous, and always has fun onstage. She brings so much enthusiasm to the play that the other students can’t help but be infected by her charms.”

“Trixie is just ridiculous,” said Sosa (the sarcastic one), laughing.

“Trixie is a goofier version of Scooby-Doo,” McCoon added, “and Kendra, in real life, is as spunky and funky as Trixie.”

“One challenge we have faced with this show is scheduling,” Thorson said. “Many of these students are athletes and juggling play performances with basketball playoffs and soccer games has been organizationally daunting. Something we strive to do at YHS is get our students involved in as many activities as we can. We want our students to be in drama and sports and academic decathlon and band and the welding team ... the more experiences they can have, the richer their high school experience will be.”

Performances for Trixie the Teenage Detective will be held Feb. 26 and 27 in the YHS Theater. Both shows begin at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $5 for all, and can be purchased at the door.

Details: (559) 683-4667, ext. 256.