Coarsegold 4-H goes to favorite foods day

Coarsegold 4-H had a lot of participation in the Madera County Favorite Foods Day this year. The cooking competition was at Minarets High School this year. Favorite Foods Day is something that anyone in 4-H can be a part of. They do not have to be in a Cooking Project to show their food. It is a day when any 4-H member can cook something at home and then bring it to compete with other foods in that category. Categories are dairy, cookies, cakes, breads, appetizers, pastries, candies, healthy/diet foods, international foods, “Made from a Mix,” main dish, decorated food, salad, and a non-food contest for special occasion/place setting.

Mini-members who are not 9 years old yet were also able to enter their food. Participants were allowed to enter as many categories as you like, but only one per category. Each food was graded and gets a ribbon for first, second, or third place based on the points and then the best of each category gets the overall firstt, second, and third places. After all the food is judged, everyone tried the different foods. We also had a lot of judges who are local people who like try new foods.

There was also a cooking showmanship which allows chefs to show what they know, what the cooking tools are, and what they do. Another contest was Consumer Science Judging. At Consumer Science Judging, judges look at groups of foods (such as apples or cucumbers) and grade how they are against each other. This may help prepare those participating to be a better food shopper outside of 4-H because it helps to understand why one is better than the other.

Our club had several winners. Emma Hussey got first place in cookies and third place for Intermediate Consumer Science Judging. Eden Hussey got second place on cookies, first place in cakes, and first place in Intermediate Consumer Science Judging. Roman Gonzalez got third place in cakes. Makayla Beckstead got first place in breads and second in Jr. Consumer Science Judging. Rileigh Azevedo got second place in breads. Jordan McCully got second place in Pastries and first place in Jr. Consumer Science Judging. Katie Colan got second place in Healthy Foods. Suzanna Gonzalez got first place in salads. Robby Gresham and David Sparks got ribbons for Mini-members. Robby Gresham also won first place for mini member Showmanship. There were also special awards for certain categories that are donated by generous companies and people in our community. Eden Hussey won the special award for Dairy and Suzanna Gonzalez won the special award for Salads. Congratulations Coarsegold 4-H.

In 4-H, anyone under 9 years old is a mini-member. Junior means members in fourth and fifth grade. Intermediate means they are in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade. Senior means they are in High School.

Our leader is Pat Strimling and if you would like to join our 4-H, you can call her at 683-5149. Anyone can join! You don’t have to be a student at Coarsegold Elementary to be a member of Coarsegold 4-H, you can live anywhere in Madera County as long as you can come to our meetings.

Now you can also follow us on our new website at or Facebook. Our club meetings meet every second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Coarsegold Community Center.

4-H Statement: Madera County 4-H Youth Program is a non-profit organization for youth who are 9 years old or who have completed the third grade and up to age 19 years of age. All youth and adults in Madera County are invited to participate in the 4-H Program regardless of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, mental or physical handicap.

- Emma Hussey, 4-H Club Reporter