Sheriff Varney swears in 21st class of COP cadets

Sheriff Jay Varney announced Tuesday, Jan. 20, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office has six new reasons to be proud of the department’s nationally recognized Citizen On Patrol Unit.

Sheriff Varney swore in six volunteers last night in Yosemite Lakes Park.

COPs make a big difference in the way law enforcement makes its presence known in our community, he says. “Their contribution has proven time again to be invaluable to both our department and the citizens of Madera County.”

While the role of COP volunteers is to mainly assist law enforcement, many are trained to work the front lines as first responders. The job requires extensive schooling – all of which our volunteers finance themselves.

In its nearly two decades of public service, Sheriff Varney adds, “Madera County Sheriff’s Citizens On Patrol is still considered one of the most successful programs in the nation.”

To become a COP, volunteers must complete 40 hours of training in patrol procedures, first aid, driving, traffic control and preservation of crime scenes.

The new recruits standing with Sheriff Varney include, Curt Pollock, Jose Villegas, Gary Murphy, Norman Swope, Joyce Decker and Laurel Wright.

If you are 18 years or older and would like to learn more about the Sheriff’s COP program, contact our departments COP Coordinator, CSO Jo Ann Evans at 559-642-3201

- Madera County Sheriff’s Department