How to Make a Bottle Cap Garden Mobile

One of KOMB’s objectives is to increase recycling and recycling opportunities in the mountain area. Making something out of trash is one way to recycle. A bottle cap mobile is fun and easy to make. The project is inexpensive; you probably have everything at home that you’ll need. The mobile adds color and a wind chime of sorts to your garden. Follow the steps below to make your own.

You’ll need at least 50 caps of various sizes and colors. Start with more caps so that you can pick and choose the sizes and colors you want. You can throw in a few metal jar lids for added chime.

Using either a punch or a drill, make small holes in the caps (see pictures to determine placement). Be sure to protect underlying work surface. Holes need to be large enough for a needle and fishing line to thread through.

Make a layout of your mobile. Five rows of caps balance nicely. Make a pleasing arrangement, varying the colors and sizes. The middle row should be slightly longer than the other rows with the bottom piece being something a little different, like a plastic measuring spoon or lime juice squeezer.

Take a digital photo of the arrangement that you can refer to if the caps become mixed up.

Thread fishing line (twenty pound test, .018 Dia. monofilament fishing line works) on to a needle with a large enough eye for the fishing line.

Start at the bottom making a strong knot at the first hole, then thread the fishing line upwards making a knot at each hole on each cap or lid, leaving about 1 - 1 1⁄2 inches between pieces. At the top, allow extra line for tying onto a branch. (Line can always be added as long as it’s securely knotted).

Find a branch about two feet long. Make five notches in the branch where the fishing line from the five rows can be wrapped and tied.

Attaching a cord or twine to either end of the branch for hanging works best. Find a place in the garden to hang your colorful mobile.

Feel free to expand on or deviate from the above directions; be creative. Once you start collecting plastic bottle caps and lids, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your pile grows, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your project is earth-friendly.

Written by Sandee Scott and submitted by Keep Our Mountains Beautiful. For more information about KOMB, or to join, call Sandee at 760-1058 or Judy Linda Horn at 877-2361.