County acknowledges Broomfield’s 30 years of service

Roy Broomfield was 32 years old, living in Madera and working for United Vitners Winery (now Canandaigua Winery) when he became a volunteer Madera County Sheriff’s Department reserve deputy. The sheriff at the time was Ovenole “Berk” Berkley, and Broomfield went on patrol with full time deputies two times a month for three and a half years, while continuing his job at the winery.

In 1984, he applied for a permanent position with the department, and on Oct. 10 of that year, he was hired as a full time deputy. That was a start of a long and rewarding law enforcement career with the department - a 30 year career that was recognized by the Madera County Board of Supervisors Dec. 2.

Broomfield, 62, was presented with a plaque from Sheriff John Anderson and board chairman Tom Wheeler. Broomfield was one of 27 county employees recognized at the 2014 Employee Service Credit Awards, and one of just three employees who were praised for 30 years of service to the county - the other two being Dave Eller, a senior traffic sign worker, and Candace Pearson, program manager’s secretary.

Wheeler said the board wanted to make sure some of the county’s hardest workers received praise.

Anderson said Broomfield has performed many duties in the sheriff’s department including traffic control during fires to investigating murders.

“What I admire most about Roy is every day is like his first day on the job,” Anderson said. “He’s never lost that eagerness of wanting to work with a positive attitude. He’s one of my hardest working deputies.”

Broomfield transferred to the Mountain Division in 1989, and in addition to regular patrol, Broomfield has been assigned to Yosemite High School for 17 years, and the past two years he has assisted at Minarets High. He has also spent the past 20 years assigned to the high country portion of Eastern Madera County, and has also been a member of the Search & Rescue team for 22 years.

Sheriff Jay Varney will be the fourth sheriff Broomfield has worked for (Berkley, Glenn Seymour, Anderson ) during his 30 years.

“I’ve enjoyed every minute working for the Madera County Sheriff’s Department, “ Broomfield said. “Thirty years has gone by very fast - I work with a lot of good, dedicated, hard working people which has made it easy for me to enjoy the job. My wife and two sons have been very supportive of me and my job over the all the years.”

Broomfield is proud to point out that both his sons, Roy Jr., and Ryan, are currently members of the sheriff’s department Search & Rescue team.

“I hope the next 20 years with the department goes by just as fast,” Broomfield said with a smile.