How does Madera County fare?

According to Children Now, an organization dedicated to promoting children’s health and education within California, when looking at figures countywide, 43,015 children live in Madera County, with 73% Latino, 21% White, 2% African-American,1% Asian, 3% other. The average family income is $51,463, 32% of families can afford basic living expenses, and 34% of children live in poverty.

The county received two-and-a-half stars out of five in the area of education, the same for health, and three stars for child welfare and economic well-being. These ratings show the county’s ability to meet the educational needs of children, and are based on standardized scoring.

There were only two California counties to receive a four-star rating - Marin and El Dorado; and Kern County, with only two out of five stars, was ranked the lowest.