Agreement reached to keep Sierra Meadows open

With just days left before a planned closure of Sierra Meadows Golf Course, a proposal by owner Robert H. Bard, Jr., to keep the club open through at least through Oct. 31, was accepted by the majority of current club members.

In late November, Bard sent a letter to club members that due to financial concerns, he was being forced to close the course and clubhouse as of Dec. 15. A group of about 70 concerned club members held a meeting Nov. 28 to come up with a financial plan that would cover the daily operational costs to keep the facility open until a buyer can be found.

Before those recommendations were sent to Bard, he sent a similar proposal to members last week, explaining that in order to keep Sierra Meadows open, a higher level of income must be achieved by a substantial number of club members agreeing to some revised course policies. The agreement includes member cart fees of $20 per round of golf per person, capping at $100 per month per person. The added cart fees is in addition to member’s monthly dues, which will not increase. The cart fees apply to members and public players. For players using their own carts, there will pay a $50 a monthly fee.

The new fee structure is designed to raise enough revenue to keep Sierra Meadow financially viable until spring when individual and tournament play substantially picks-up, along with additional food and beverage sales from weddings and other events.

In addition to the cart fees, Bard’s letter said management is dedicated to several cost-cutting measures including having the course open Wednesday through Sunday,starting Jan. 7, as opposed top seven days a week. The course will be open daily through Jan. 4, with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

The public play fees will remain as follows: 18-hole round - $40 Wednesday and Thursday, $50 Friday through Sunday. 9-hole round - $23 Wednesday and Thursday, $28 Friday through Sunday.

Ed Hart, president of the Sierra Meadows Men’s Club, said although not everyone is happy with the increased fees, everyone is happy the course will remain open.

A letter from Bard detailing the plan is expected to be sent to the membership early next week.