Red Cross Appreciation Event

The Red Cross held a wildfire appreciation event last Saturday at the Oakhurst Community Center. The event was held to honor the organization’s community partners, government agencies, donors, and volunteers who provided support to the region during the 2014 wildfire season.

“I have been in many disaster zones in past years, but never have I seen a community come together like the mountain communities did this wild fire season,” coordinator Katrina Poitras said. “I hope this event would allow healing and closure to all who had been affected by the many disasters that scorched our beautiful mountains this summer.”

Red Cross responded to 10 wildland fires opening up an evacuation center or shelter on average of every 15 days within a five-month period. Working alongside partner agencies, the Red Cross also provided meals, distributed water, and offered health services to affected families.

As the partner groups move forward into 2015, new teams are being created in both Mariposa and Madera counties. Businesses and individuals in Mariposa and Madera counties, Sierra National Forest and Yosemite National Park were issued appreciation certificates.

“It has been an honor to serve with so many who took care of our neighbors, families and friends,” Poitras continued. “The best part of all of this was that everyone took care of everyone ... no matter the county boundaries.”

To volunteer,, click on volunteering and check disaster services.